About Elixir Stevia

We are a dynamic and young company which want to contribute significantly towards Indian society. We believe in making life of people more joyful by removing all their health issues and diseases. For converting this dream into reality, we have come up with all new and innovative natural products ELIXIR STEVIA which is 100% pure and organic and yes it is herbal too.

ELIXIR STEVIA is the premium brand from natural essence with 100% natural organic sweetener. Its Zero calorie, Zero carbohydrate & Zero glycolix index which is made from superior quality of highly purified Stevia leaf extract.


It’s a great healthful sweetener especially for diabetes persons who are more conscious about their sugar level in blood. It is also a great health supplement for weight watchers.
ELIXIR STEVIA-purely natural and organic in nature without any side-effects and yes it is also suitable for all ages.