NATURAL ESSENCE has been conceived and incorporated by Mr. Gaurav Mardia.

The primary reason behind the establishment of this company is to propagate the use of nature’s vast bounty of preventive and treatment options and dispense knowledge about the same.

As an environmental enthusiast; he has always been on the lookout for new, innovative and sustainable solutions with widespread social benefits. Stevia; being one of the most prophylactic plants available in nature; it presents a huge potential market base with its innumerable health benefits and most prominently, it’s use as a sugar replacement.

Mr. Gaurav Mardia has been instrumental in bringing Stevia to the Indian market by entering into strategic alliances and conducting in depth R&D in conjunction with careful and meticulous selection of the best available Stevia blend in India.

We intend to develop an international brand with 'ELIXIR STEVIA™', such that it is associated with unrivaled quality and standard, the world over.